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You understand that writing is a craft honed through hours of practice‚€”hours you've put in. Adverbs make you cringe; redundancies keep you awake at night. You understand that first drafts are horrible, so you've learned how to return to your work again and again until it shines. You reach for a red pen whenever you see a misplaced modifier. You have an opinion about the serial comma, yet can edit against your preference without complaint. Subject-verb disagreement drives you insane. Your grasp of the English language is so impeccable, the dictionary consults you. Master craftsmanship of stories and content are resume box checkers. You embrace proofreading and sticking to brand language guidelines like your most beloved pet. You have experience in editing and writing in the high-tech industry. You connect thoughts, dots, and people to keep a story flowing smooth as silk.¬  If this describes you, then you're exactly the person we want to hire for our corporate Marcom copy editing team.

Do you want to turn good content into great content?¬  Are you undaunted by high-tech engineering environments and technologies? Then this is the role for you.¬ ¬  Writing an awesome headline, crafting the perfect pull-quote, and matching it with the right graphic delights you. You are a natural at connecting across organizations and expanding your knowledge by working with the right people at the right time to make important decisions about content. Editing content for web, mobile, digital, advertisements, email, event invitations, and social channels runs through your veins. And, of course, you put your heart and soul into your work.

This role is for a full-time employee who is insatiably creative and curious and thrives in fast-paced and collaborative environments. This essential role will craft stories that delight and inspire our customers, make our content more relevant, easier to read, more accurate, more consistent and more actionable.

Corporate Marketing is the team within Keysight Global Marketing responsible for synthesizing, polishing, and publishing content, deploying it using a wide variety of tools to drive delightful engagement with customers within the markets we target.¬  Our Marcom team are pros at the tools of the trade, working firsthand with marketing automation, web publishing, content management, and digital channel management tools.¬  They bring the strategy that brings ebooks, blogs, videos, web, social, and all other forms of content alive across physical and digital channels. Success is measured by how well we deliver a compelling and consistent face to our customers and markets recognizable, and by how our customers react and engage. We work globally and make sure our content and processes excel in all major regions we operate in, including the Americas, Greater China, Asia Pacific and EMEAI.


  • Copy edit and use copy editing to teach authors to be better writers

  • Reinforce and improve our brand style guide through consistent usage and mentoring

  • Own the final editorial review for marketing content such as whitepapers, emails, e-books, or case studies

  • Be a perfectionist about every detail of copy and layout

  • Work independently, tracking and managing your tasks.¬  Prioritize to meet deadlines.

  • Write headlines, captions, call to actions, and content

  • Analyze the impact of your work through analysis of data related to content in market

  • Use A/B testing to develop a better understanding of what works best with our customers

  • Continuously monitor and improve Keysight's writing style guide

  • Coach our writers and communicators in their craft¬ 

Job Qualifications

Job Qualifications

You must be very experienced with proofreading, writing, and copy editing.¬  You must be familiar with social, digital, and traditional techniques, and be proficient at adapting one piece of content to efficiently reach through multiple channels.¬ 

This key role requires the following:

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent and 7+ years of directly relevant experience as a writer or editor

  • Exceptional editing skills and command of the English language are critical

  • Proven track record of journalistic and/or editorial content creation and editing is essential

  • Demonstrated superior written and spoken communication skills in English

  • Demonstrated passion with regard to writing and editing professional business content

  • Ability to work independently and accurately, while meeting deadlines

  • Influencing virtual teams to make content the very best

  • Understanding the tones of the different digital communication channels

  • Be skilled in understanding and mitigating the impact of¬  jargon and slang on downstream translation and localization efforts

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Privacy Statement¬ 

Keysight is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Keysight Technologies Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability or any other protected categories under all applicable laws.

Candidates can be considered to work from the following locations:

Americas : United States : California : Anaheim Americas : United States : California : Calabasas Americas : United States : California : El Segundo Americas : United States : California : Irvine (Voscal) Americas : United States : California : Roseville Americas : United States : California : San Diego Americas : United States : California : Santa Clara Americas : United States : California : Santa Rosa Americas : United States : California : Westlake Village Americas : United States : Colorado : Colorado Springs Americas : United States : Colorado : Englewood Americas : United States : Colorado : Englewood Americas : United States : Colorado : Loveland

Job ID :¬ 31484¬ 

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